One size doesn’t fit all

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a hat or a piece of steel reinforcement – getting the right fit is important. In fact, for steel reinforcement it’s even more important. Get it right and it makes such a big difference to fabricators. Hardware fits perfectly, every time, and that saves time and money during manufacturing.

Fenestration reinforcement specialist, Anglo European doesn’t manufacture generic steel reinforcements. Instead it creates the exact specification for the window and door systems and hardware use. The reason Anglo can do this is because it has recently invested £435,000 in the latest advances in machinery for rolling steel.

“The core technology hasn’t changed for many decades,” says Anglo European’s Operations Director, James Lister. “The cleverness is in how the new machine has sped up the rolling process.

“The new line can manufacture 59 metres of steel reinforcement every minute – that’s a 31 percent increase in output capacity. What makes it even more efficient is the speed of resetting the rollers. In the oldest machine, it takes hours to reset them, but it takes just seconds in the latest addition. What it means to customers, is they can have exactly what they need, taking into consideration the profile they use and the hardware they choose, on fast lead times.

“The super quick time for resetting rollers means we can manufacture shorter runs. For customers of Anglo European that means fast turnaround times for made to measure steel. Order today and it arrives with customers within four days, or choose lengths cut to order and have those in five.

“For 28 years Anglo European has been serving the window industry with top quality steel reinforcement and our investment in new machinery gives customers an even better service.”

See the new line in action here: