Our Process.



Starting with Raw materials, we purchase the best quality available in the marketplace from leading suppliers, Arcellormittal, Tata (Corus) and Meridian metals. We choose our suppliers carefully so we can offer customers prime galvanised steel materials. All of our steel has been accredited to BSEN 10142. This means that it adheres to tolerances as stated in BSEN 10143 guidelines. The steel grade and coating both conform to DX 51D GZ 150-275



There’s a fancy definition for rollforming. It goes like this: ‘A continuous bending operation in which a long strip of sheet metal (typically coiled steel) is passed through sets of rolls mounted on consecutive stands, each set of rolls performs only an incremental part of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained’. In simple terms, that just means that we turn coiled steel into profiles that you need for your reinforcement. It’s bespoke to your job and we deliver fast. The diagram to the right and video at the bottom of the page shows how we rollform here at Anglo European.



We have four CADCAM/CNC pressbrakes machines that can wield between 75 and 260 tonnes of pressure to bend our material. These machines, along with our self-designed tools allow faster changeovers in the production process meaning we can produce sections from 1mm to 5mm in gauge and from 100mm to 4000mm in length. Pressbrakes are generally used to produce our blank and punched door sections. These pre-programmed sections are produced to the highest quality standards possible, maintaining a constant finish to both shape and size of produced materials.



Our cut-to-size palletised service is a great way to reduce fabricators overall steel cost. We have lots of manned bansaws that are constantly cutting 6 metre packs to each customer’s individual requirements. By doing this, we can take the cost of waste material and the processing of steel bars to the required size away from fabricators. Delivered on pallets, with sections cut and stored together at the desired increments allows the fabricator to move the correct steel products to the right place in the production lines. Products can be split to move into segregated production lines with ease, we can pack section for Window lines, door lines and ancillary lines, saving time unloading goods and searching for the desired product. We believe this service returns a huge saving to the fabricator. Not having to cut bars to size allows more time for operatives to manufacture PVCu products. We estimate a further saving from eliminating waste product in the form of off-cuts, this saving alone could be some 10% of material! Ask one of the team about this pioneering service that sets us out from the crowd!



Our purpose built racking system allows us to store up to 800,000 metres of ready-made stock packs. This allows us the flexibility to deliver bar length product within 4 days from point of order nationwide. For our cut to size facility, we deliver cut product within 5 days from point of order.



Via a fleetmatics system linked to our fleet of seven 18 tonne and 26 tonne vehicles we can constantly update and monitor the position of our vehicles in real time. Offering delivery times from point of order within 4 days for product to our customer’s factory means we have to ensure safe, efficient loading plans. Our team of experienced drivers and transport management work together to ‘deliver on time, each time in full’

Watch our process in action: Coming soon...