Switching To Anglo Made Easy

Switching suppliers in the consumer market has now become the norm, with a whole web industry built on the back of it. Whether it’s car insurance; bank, power or broadband there is a switching service to help you find the best deal, with help throughout the process of making the move. When it comes to the trade there is still a lot of trepidation when changing suppliers, this is mainly down to confidence and trust in the supply chain.

It comes down to simply ‘Can they do what they say; will they deliver on time as promised? These are just two of the reasons why companies remain with the same supplier, even though they could make savings by changing. When it comes to window and door reinforcement, there is added pressure that their systems company as part of a package supplies some companies direct. This does not give any alternative in gaining a competitive edge.

“We are faced with many questions from prospective new clients in regards to their reinforcement supplies”, comments James Lister, Operations Director at Anglo European. “Reinforcement is a central element needed in the fabrication of UPVc windows and doors, a simple late delivery or wrong order and production would grind to a halt. Therefore customers have to be assured that we can deliver and fulfil on our promise, and we also have the capacity to deal with their orders large or small. The simple answer is YES, and that’s a promise we make to all our customers”.

“To help new customers for the first few weeks we help them through the ordering process and keep a close watch to make sure that they are OK with the system, what you could call a switching service. Our level of knowledge within the market and in depth understanding of our customers allows us to correct mistakes made in the ordering process, making sure the client gets exactly the right reinforcement they require, and at the right time. Our staff will continue to monitor orders and double check everything whether the order is a few hundred or tens of thousands of pounds as part of our customer care package,” concludes James.

Over recent years Anglo has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of steel window and door reinforcement in the UK. This is not just based on existing clients growing and fabricating more products, therefore ordering more reinforcement, it is simply because more and more companies are turning to Anglo for their reinforcement requirements. Super fabricators such as Polyframe Group, Pearl, Tradelink, Direct Trade, Total glass and Frameline to name a few, that are now benefitting from the unique customer service provided by Anglo and their dedicated staff.